Recession Proof Your Marriage


The economic crisis in this country is affecting more than just our jobs and mortgages; it’s affecting our relationships too. According to mental health counselor, Dr. Gregg Jantz, during times of extreme stress, people often lash out at those closest to them. “Fear is everywhere,” says Jantz “and fear coupled with anxiety is toxic to any relationship.” Join us at noon (CDT) on March 19th as Dr. Jantz offers suggestions on how to nurture your relationship during these nerve-racking days.

Gregg Jantz is a certified eating disorder specialist, certified chemical dependency counselor, a nationally certified psychologist, and a licensed mental health counselor. He is the author of seventeen books including “Happy for the Rest of Your Life,” and brings a message of hope and healing to audiences through seminars, conferences, and the media. He has appeared on shows such as Dr. Phil, the 700 Club and dozens of others.


You can hear the interview three ways:

– Listen to the live broadcast Thursday at 12 p.m. CST on by going to .

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– Listen to the archived broadcast anytime it is convenient for you by visiting or by going to my website

I hope you can join us!

In these tough times, we can all use a little bit of inspiration. So if you can’t listen to the show live, be sure to check out the recorded broadcast. I’ll post the direct link after the show airs.

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  1. Adversity introduces a man to himself … isn’t that the truth. I recall the marriage vows, “Till death (not debt) do us part.” We should be able to turn to our spouses (and other important people in our lives) during our deepest, darkest moments. If we can’t, are they any different from acquaintances? Can’t put a price on loved ones … they’re priceless!

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