The Frazzled Female on GOD UNPLUGGED

Cindi Wood

Cindi Wood

The Frazzled Female Syndrome — Do you have it? Are you stressed, fatigued, overwhelmed, frustrated, and just outright exhausted to the core? Has your juggling-act unraveled leaving you a lifeless mess? Maybe you’re burning the candle at both ends in relation to a job, your marriage, housework, children, finances, an illness, your parents, or some other relationship. Maybe it’s some of that, all of that, or none of the above, and you’re just inexplicably on-the-go all the time, putting out fires and missing out on the joy of life. Whatever the case, only God can bring true, unfailing resolve and stability to the messes and stresses that a woman endures.

Listen in as Cindi Wood, the author of “Too Blessed for this Mess” offers strategies for maintaining your sanity in today’s hectic world! Cindi provides rich strategies for de-frazzling, breaking destructive habits, and tapping into the power that gives life real meaning.

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