Seventh Day Slumber on GOD UNPLUGGED

Seventh Day Slumber 

This week’s episode of GOD UNPLUGGED is about the transformation of Joseph Rojas, front man and songwriter for Seventh Day Slumber who was featured in the book, How Do You Know He’s Real:  God Unplugged.  Rojas’ experience in the back of an ambulance after a suicide attempt brought him from former felon and drug addict to redeemed saint. The Dove-Award nominated rock band has released three albums including their latest, Finally Awake. Their debut effort Picking Up the Pieces sold over 60,000 copies. ( The 60-minute show airs every Thursday at 12 noon Central time (1 p.m. Eastern, 11 a.m. Mountain, 10 a.m. Pacific). Callers are welcome to join the conversation live and ask questions during the show by calling (347) 324-5425.  If you have questions about Christianity or about the music business, we would love to hear them!  You can also listen online and ask questions via the chat room by visiting or clicking on the microphone below. 

Busy on Thursday – DON’T WORRY!  You can listen to the interview 24×7 by visiting the archives.  Read more about the host and the discussion on my website,  

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