The Traitor Beside Her

This book had potential but ultimately fell short of expectations. Set in 1944, it follows 21-year-old Justine Byrne, who is recruited by US Army Intelligence, to work at Arlington Hall, a code-breaking facility to uncover a traitor.

Initially, the premise promised a gripping WWII espionage thriller. Unfortunately, the execution didn’t live up to that promise. The pacing was inconsistent, with the plot dragging in places where it should have been tense and thrilling. The characters, especially Justine, lacked depth and development. Though portrayed as an intelligent woman, she came across as flat and one-dimensional.

The historical setting was well-researched, but it often overshadowed the plot. The repetition of words throughout the book was distracting, and the audio narration didn’t do any favors, adding to the overall lackluster experience.

While The Traitor Beside Her started with possibilities, it quickly became boring. The lack of character depth, uneven pacing, and a dull plot made it a disappointing read. If you’re looking for a gripping WWII thriller, look elsewhere. I rated this book a generous 3 stars.

** Thanks to the publisher for a comp of this book. The opinions are my own.

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