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23-year-old recording artist, Nate Huss, is putting his money where his mouth is…literally.  Unlike most recording artists who support a cause from the sidelines, Nate is giving his pet project, adoption, all of his attention.  For the  month of November, Nate  has literally taken his website down and put a holding page about adoption in it’s place.  That’s a costly move for an up-and-comer who is building a name for himself.  It just goes to show you what a quality guy he is.

Nate was only three weeks old when he was placed in the loving arms of his new adopted family – the Phoenix home of Dave and Sylvia Huss, who had already adopted seven other children from around the globe.

Now, together with his older brother Dan, Nate wrote a song called “Your Own” thanking their individual birth mothers for the gift of life and the decision they made to choose adoption over abortion.  “I’m thankful to God and to a biological mother that I never knew who chose the option of life for me.  I am a planned mistake, a blessed gift.”

The song has struck such a nerve that it has been picked up by Focus on the Family and is their November theme song during  National Adoption Awareness Month.    Here’s a great interview he did on CBN that talks about his adoption experience:


According to the National Council for Adoption, in 2002 there were approximately 33 abortions for every 100  live births.  That is a staggering  number whether you are pro-choice or pro-life – a number I’m sure everybody would like to see decrease.

Adoption is an life-saving option for many couples faced with an unwanted pregnancy.  Since the founding of the National Council For Adoption (NCFA) in 1980, approximately two and a half million adoptions have occurred in this country.

Still, according to Nate  there are 143 million orphans in the world and at least 500,000 children going through the foster care system every day in this country.  These are children who desperately need a place they can call home.

While their role is important, it is not the government’s job to take care of these children…as the human race it is our job.  For Christians, there is a call to action in James 1:27 when is says we are to  “look after orphans and widows in their distress.”

On the adoption issue, Nate recently noted:  “Today many young women find themselves pregnant and lost – often times, sadly with the thought that they face only two difficult choices – either to keep or abort their child.  Not only as an advocate for adoption, but as a Christian, my desire to save lives for the Kingdom of God.”

In an interview Nate on my radio show, GOD UNPLUGGED last night, and he shared his music, his story, and his heart unabashedly.  But talking about the importance of adoption without providing the tools would be irresponsible.  During the second half of the program I spoke with adoption expert Jayne Schooler about equipping adoptive parents for the journey.  To listen to the show, visit,

Nate has offered to give away a copy of his CD, “Here with Me” and Jayne will be giving away a copy of her latest book “The Whole Life Adoption Book” to a lucky listener.  Be sure to leave a comment after you listen to the program to be entered in the drawing.  You have until November 26th to enter.

Now, I’d love to hear your thoughts.  Are you an adopted child?  If so, how has that impacted your life?  Are you adoptive parents?  What have been your biggest joys and challenges?  Are you thinking about adopting?  What are your questions and your greatest fears?  Maybe together, we can answer them.

If  you’d like to listen to another interview of another adoptee, check these out:

– Amy Hagberg

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  1. Hi Amy –

    To answer your questions, yes, I was placed a an infant into a loving home at five weeks old. I also, along with my husband, have adopted two children, Nicolai (8) from Colombia, SA and Sonja (2) from Guatemala, CA.

    The impact that adoption has had on my life is the example it is in how God adopts us into his family. God wants us to be his children, He wants to care and provide for us if we would allow Him.

    Adopting two children has had it’s challenges. We have been told several times how lucky the children are that we saved them. That is certainly not the case, we are the blessed ones to have been chosen to care for these two beautiful children that God has given us and placed in our care. Our challenges are mostly with the process of adopting. There is several “hoops” to jump through depending on the Country’s requirements that you have chosen to go through. We also deal with attachment disorders, fighting the thoughts or feelings of rejection and finding the connection and belonging that is desired. I, having been adopted, have had to work through various times of feeling rejected and overcoming it.

  2. Thanks for sharing, Lori. I especially appreciate your comment, “we are the blessed ones to have been chosen to care for these two beautiful children that God has given us and placed in our care.” I don’t often hear the experience expressed in those terms. Good for you for caring for His children so joyfully.

  3. Adoption is so beautiful, and it is so encouraging to read how this young man is ministering to so many because of his own story.

    My father and mother divorced when I was two and a yr later, my father moved to the other side of the country and surrendered his parental rights. A few years later, my mom remarried and when I was 7, her new husband legally adopted me. One of my greatest joys now is when my grandmother (through adoption) says things to me like, “Oh, you must get that from my side of the family.” They loved and accepted me from the beginning and truly forget that we don’t share the same blood.

  4. Oh, Karin. I’d like to embrace you and enaourcge you with the love of Christ. I admire you for honestly sharing your heart. Rest in Him and know that you are where you are for such a time as this. For however long you have your baby, and for that matter, any one of your children, has been destined by God and orchestrated to bring Him glory. Rest in Faith knowing that He has placed your children with you, and none else, for what you will allow Him to bring to them through you. You can do this, for we can do all things through Christ. Hold fast to His unending love. Remember, and I’m sure you know this, He loves your children more than you. Allow that to comfort instead of provoke worry. Nothing comes to you or your children without being filtered through our Daddy’s hands. Focus on the day, each moment and rejoice in all the small moments. Verbally and consciously praise Him even through worry and pain. Miracles will happen – whether in you, around you, or both. Trust, let go of knowing what is to come and continue in your ministry to your lovely family. Praying for you here in Florida. I’m kind of new at commenting on the blogs and such and don’t know how to leave a name when this comment posts. My name is Stacey. I too am a homeschooling mom of 3, with an immense desire to adopt sibling groups.

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