God’s Smuggler – Book Review

Would I have the faith to trust God to provide for ALL my needs? If I’m being honest, I doubt I could do it. Yet in God’s Smuggler, God repeatedly answered Brother Andrew’s faithful prayers as the missionary smuggled Bibles to believers behind the Iron Curtain and throughout the Middle East, China, and Korea. God’s guidance was miraculous.

“Suppose on the other hand that I were to discover God to be a Person, in the sense that He communicated and cared and loved and led. That was something quite different. That was the kind of King I would follow into any battle.”—Brother Andrew, God’s Smuggler.

Millions around the world have been awed by this riveting true-life spy story of a Dutch factory worker going undercover to take Bibles behind closed communist borders. Now, sixty years after Andrew van der Bijl’s first mission trip, his classic, thrilling account inspiring new readers.

As a boy, Andrew dreamed of being a spy undercover behind enemy lines. As a soldier, he committed atrocities during the Indonesian National Revolution, a battle wound eventually sending him home. Andrew started attending church and sensed God was calling him to the mission field. In 1953, he enrolled in the Worldwide Evangelism Crusade in Glasgow with no financial support. God provided.

Brother Andrew was one of the all-time heroes of the faith. His narrow escapes from danger to share the love of Jesus will encourage and embolden you in your own Christian walk. I supplemented my reading with audio, narrated by the incomparable Simon Vance. 5 stars.

Originally published in January 1967. Revised in 2015.
Genre: Christian nonfiction, autobiography
Read-Alikes: The Heavenly Man: The Remarkable True Story of Chinese Christian Brother Yun by Paul Hattaway, Brother Yun; God’s Hostage: A True Story of Persecution, Imprisonment, and Perseverance by Andrew Brunson.





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