Yours Cheerfully Book Review

When the Ministry of Information calls on Britain’s women’s magazines to help recruit desperately needed female workers to the war effort, columnist Emmeline Lake is thrilled to be asked to step up and help. But when she and her best friend Bunty meet a young woman who shows them the challenges women war workers face, Emmy must tackle a life-changing dilemma between doing her duty and standing by her friends.

This was a darling historical novel. I’d never thought about how women war workers left on the home front managed finances, home, and family while their husbands were off fighting against tyranny or had paid the ultimate price. Both the UK and the US set up day nurseries in factories and communities, but not without a fight. This book was light, romantic, educational, and empowering. Not normally my cup of tea, but I enjoyed it very much. It would make a great Hallmark movie. 4 stars.


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