A World of Curosities


“Happiness as an act of defiance. A revolutionary act.”― Louise Penny, A World of Curiosities.

Louise Penny’s latest installment in the bestselling Chief Inspector Armand Gamache series marks a triumphant return for the beloved detective. In this eighteenth book, Three Pines emerges from a harsh winter, setting the stage for a special celebration. However, the return of siblings Fiona and Sam Arsenault unravels a series of unsettling events.

Memories of the bludgeoning murder investigation involving Fiona and Sam’s troubled mother flood Gamache and his colleague Jean-Guy Beauvoir. Having taken Fiona under their wing after her conviction and subsequent imprisonment, Gamache and his wife, Reine-Marie, yet are surprised when both siblings show up in Three Pines. Murders pile up, and Gamache senses an evil within Sam reminiscent of a notorious serial killer.

Gamache’s attention is also drawn to an eerie discovery: a 160-year-old letter penned by a deceased stone mason who recounts his harrowing experience bricking up an attic room in the village. Each word drips with foreboding, and the villagers opt to open the room and confront the secrets hidden within.

Louise Penny’s ingenuity shines once again as she weaves historical elements into the narrative, tapping into dark moments from Québec’s past. Her latest novel is a testament to her ability to craft remarkable stories. With her signature blend of meticulous characterization and pulse-pounding suspense, Penny effortlessly captivates readers, and I whipped through the pages. Prepare for an intense and riveting read.

With every addition to the Gamache series, Louise Penny solidifies her place as a crime-fiction phenomenon. A World of Curiosities earns its well-deserved five-star rating and the Agatha Award Winner for Best Contemporary Novel.

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