A Promising Thriller Undermined by Vulgarity

“Monsters are real. They’re real, and they’re capable of doing the unspeakable. And they don’t hide under beds or in closets—they hide in plain sight. You just don’t always notice them.”
― Minka Kent, The Thinnest Air.

Meredith Price seems to have it all—a loving husband, charming stepchildren, and a life of luxury in a mountain resort town. Her life, however, takes a dark turn when she mysteriously disappears, leaving behind her car, purse, phone, and a slew of unanswered questions.

The story unfolds through dual perspectives: Meredith’s, detailing her life with Andrew and leading up to her disappearance, and Greer’s, her sister, who arrives in town desperate to find her. Greer’s investigation leads her to dark and unsettling truths, forcing her to confront the possibility that no one truly knew Meredith.

Kent does a nice job building suspense, making this 286-page psychological thriller a quick and engaging read. However, the author’s use of unnecessary vulgarity and some awkward writing detracts from the experience. The ending, unfortunately, left me and other readers feeling unsatisfied.

While The Thinnest Air has its strengths, including an enthralling premise and a fast pace, it falls short in execution. I give it 3 stars.

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