TODAY’S QUOTE: The Open Door

This morning I woke up in my usual fibromyalgia fog and stumbled down the stairs to brew some java and get ready for a long day of writing. My first task is always to let out Fitzy for his morning tinkle. Imagine my surprise when I walked into the entryway and the front door was WIDE open. I was pretty freaked out. We moved out to the country for the peaceful wooded setting which means we have a plethora of wildlife, some we enjoy and some we don’t. Actually, we delight in it all (except for bats) if said critters stay in their own zone outside.

All morning I have been nervously looking around corners hoping a bat, racoon, chipmunk, squirrel, dog, woodchuck, opossum, or skunk wasn’t lying in wait. As it turns out, my husband had gone out the front door rather than through the garage when he left for work and hadn’t latched it securely. The wind had blown it open… and it had been open for several hours before I came upon it. Something had at least been on the doorstep, because Fitz lifted his leg to mark his territory. Yikes

So far the coast is clear, but the episode got me thinking about the closed doors we come upon in life. It’s hard to have a door close on our dreams, but as Alexander Graham Bell said, sometimes we focus so much on the door that is closed that we miss the one that is wide open. Don’t miss that open door, because God may have something far more amazing in mind for you.

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