Still in the Miracle Business

In 2006 I interviewed Tricia and Melissa Brock, the sister team behind the Christian pop band, Superchic[k] for my book, God Unplugged. I was astonished by the way God showed up in their young lives.


One day, my mom and I were driving to my grandpa’s house to celebrate his birthday. She needed to stop at her seamstress’ house on the way. When we arrived, my mom parked the car in the driveway that was at an upward incline. She said she’d be just a second and told me to sit there and wait. Well, being four years old, I didn’t “just wait.” I decided to mess with things in the car… until the car started rolling backwards. It rolled down the driveway, across a major road, and should have continued rolling off a 30-foot embankment, but instead, it went across the road and suddenly made a 90-degree turn and stopped when it hit a parked car.

My mom came running out of the house freaking out, but the whole time I was calm, acting like there wasn’t anything wrong. “Melissa, how in the world did you know to turn the wheel just in time?”

I look at her and replied, “Mommy, the angel turned the wheel, not me.”

To this day, I don’t remember seeing a physical presence in the car with me, but I definitely remember feeling a sense of safety and security, like there was something there that protected me. What is amazing is that my parents had never taught me about Jesus or about angels, and I didn’t watch much television. It just shows you that children can see and feel things that most adults shut out.


We lived on 24 acres out in the country and my dad had a big bush hog tractor. One day he was out in the field on the tractor doing some work. He put the transmission in neutral and jumped off to do something, but by accident he kicked it into gear and it ran right over him. It literally ran over half of his body! He was knocked unconscious and when he first awoke he didn’t recall what had happened. But when he tried to stand up, he realized he couldn’t move and looked down and saw that his arm and leg on one side were almost ripped off.

Understanding the seriousness of his situation, Dad prayed, “Please God, you can’t let me bleed to death in this field, I have a family to take care of.”

Over the next hour, he kept passing out and regaining consciousness. When he was awake, he yelled for help with as much strength as he had. But it seemed futile — he was out in the middle of nowhere.

Our closest neighbor lived two miles down the road — an elderly couple. The husband was nearly ninety years old and couldn’t hear very well. That day he was sitting on their porch and thought he heard something and instinctively knew somebody was in trouble. He and his wife got in the car and drove down the road to have a look around. There weren’t a lot of houses back then so he stopped at each house and listened to see if he would hear anything. They finally got to our property and heard my dad yelling.

They called the paramedics, and a helicopter flew in and airlifted Dad to the hospital. One of the medics was a family friend, and he told us how amazed she’d been when she first saw Dad. His wounds were awful, but there was hardly any blood anywhere; they had instantly clotted. Dad was in the hospital for months. They saved both his arm and his leg despite the extent of his injuries and constant infection. He walked out of that hospital on his own strength. So many people prayed for my dad and God honored those prayers and healed him.

Many people believe that miracles only happened back in biblical times, but I can tell from personal experience — and from the experiences of the hundreds of people I’ve interviewed — that God is still in the miracle business.

BTW, Melissa also shared her personal struggle with an eating disorder.

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