The Munoz Family: Facing Tragedy with Grace




My dear friend Kris Munoz once told me that grief is like the waves of the ocean. Sometimes the sea is calm and tranquil; other times the waves crash angrily on the shore. I now know what she means.

Terry and Kristine Munoz experienced a parent’s worst nightmare six years ago today. On October 9, 2007, Kris and their three children were involved in a horrific car accident. The tragedy rocked our small community and impacted people all over the world.

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Amanda (13) was treated for a serious hematoma inside her spleen, several fractured ribs, and significant bruising on her abdomen from the seat belt. Josh (10) broke his left tibia, right ankle, and left collarbone. Kris was critically injured. She had a broken collarbone, broken leg, a bleed in her brain, a partially collapsed lung, and a broken pelvis.

Sam, who had been driving, was unresponsive when emergency personnel extricated him from the family car. At the trauma center, doctors determined he had suffered a significant injury to his brain stem. He was in a coma from which he never awoke. Sam Munoz passed away peacefully on October 14, 2007 surrounded by his beloved family.

Yet in the midst of their grief and unbearable pain they felt the presence of God and trusted in His plan completely. Kris is still suffering debilitating aftereffects from the injuries she incurred on that fateful day, yet every time I interact with her I am profoundly moved by her grace, determination, and inexhaustible faith. I would have buckled, but she continues to minister to others. She is more concerned about how I am doing than she is about sharing her own sorrow.

Today, as Terry and Kris think about that horrible day six years ago, please pray for them. They are excited to someday be reunited with their boy in heaven … but I hope they can wait a while.

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