Do Prenuptial Agreements Doom a Marriage?

I recently interviewed a Christian attorney on my show, GOD UNPLUGGED,   who had some amazing things to say about how Christians should view the law.  One of the things we discussed is the prevalence of prenuptial agreements with engaged couples.  Do you think they are a good idea, or do they pave the way for a couple to land in divorce court?

I guess I’m old fashioned. When I stood in front of 300 people and before God during our wedding, I was serious about my vows.  Til death do we part isn’t just a trite phrase in a book.  Marriage isn’t a silly, “Go the Viva Las Vegas Wedding Chapel” for a quicky – it is a lifelong covenant between two people and God.

Creating a prenuptial agreement opens the door to the possibility of divorce.  Before a marriage is even consummated, two parties meet separately with their own attorneys and draw up a legal document that stakes a claim to their legal property.  What happened to “the two shall become one?”

If a fiancee is so concerned about their partner getting a piece of their property in the event of divorce, perhaps they shouldn’t marry at all.

What do you think?

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