An Interview with World Champion Water Skier Kristi Overton-Johnson

Kristi Overton-Johnson is living proof that God doesn’t make any junk.  Despite our weaknesses, He can do something magical with our lives… if we let Him.No matter who you are, you will face adversity in your life. You may feel overwhelmed, but there is always light at the end of the tunnel.  Good things often come from the refining we experience in the fire.

Kristi Overton-Johnson is a water skiing legend. Her career has spanned  over three decades, from learning to ski at the age of four, to her more recent success as Champion at the US Masters Women’s Slalom at the age of thirty-two. Kristi is an eight-time US Masters Champion and a four-time US Open Women’s Slalom Champion. She held the world record in women’s slalom for more more than twelve years.

The follow paragraphs are excerpted from my book:  How Do You Know He’s Real:34 Celebrity Reflections on True Life Experiences with God

” I am amazed to look back over my life and see the fingerprints of God all over it! To think God would care enough to introduce me, a four-year-old girl with a serious hip deformity to the sport of water skiing – a sport which would crown me champion twenty-five years later.”

“I was born with a serious hip disorder that caused my hip sockets to develop improperly. In His infinite wisdom, God put me in the only sport I could possibly do – water skiing. I was 15 when I discovered this disorder, and as a result, I have never been able to run or even walk short distances without great pain. But in water skiing, my feet are secure in the skis and the muscles developed in this squatted position actually held the balls of my femoral bone in the sockets!”

“With God’s help,I was able to ski through the pain and climb to the top of the sport; holding the world record for Women’s Slalom since 1992.”

“…Even in the midst of all of life’s trials and tribulations, I have peace – peace in the midst of the storm. I know he’s real because of that peaceful feeling  – a feeling that you, too, can have. There are no mistakes. God is good all the time and He is ready to use your past, your triumphs, your fears, your hurts, and your pains for his glory. Get to know him today, claim His promises for your life, and be ready to see amazing things tomorrow.”

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