Young Dr. Doolittle

I have long been an animal advocate. At Sunny Hollow Elementary school back in the 60s, my friend Carrie and I performed our own rendition of “Born Free” at the annual talent show, she playing the piano and me positioned on top of said piano. The introduction was especially moving. While she tinkled the ivories, I pled my case to the audience:

There are animals living in zoos and they are living in cages. That’s just not right, because they were here first! 
(Or something equally passionate.)

Pictures of beautiful wild animals — from Arctic foxes to zebras — flashed behind us in living color (This was long before Powerpoint, so we either had slides or overheads…my shrinking brain can’t recall.) as I belted out the lyrics. I should have been on Broadway.

My pet cause now is the abolition of puppy mills, but I also find the abuse of animals in zoos and other tourist attractions to be equally loathsome.


If you, too, are an animal lover, check out this list of of where not to visit on your next vacation: Where Not to Visit if You Love Animals

Okay, I have officially stepped off my soapbox.

Until next time…


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