Vortex Book Review

Seven years ago, Mia Briscoe was at a frat party with her best friend Serena when a fire broke out. Everyone was accounted for except Serena. She was never heard from or seen again. When an old photo taken at the frat party gives her clues, Mia realizes she knows just where to look. She enlists FBI agent Sherlock’s help to uncover a sinister string of events going all the way back to that disastrous party. But some very powerful—and very dangerous—people will do anything to keep the past buried.

CIA Operative Olivia Hildebrandt is a team leader on a mission in Iran to exfiltrate a betrayed undercover operative. She’s nearly killed by an exploding grenade and saved by a team member. After leaving Walter Reed Hospital, not only has that team member disappeared but two men come to her house to kill her. Savich believes their attack on Olivia is a direct result of the compromised mission in Iran.

You: What? You’ve never read a book by Catherine Coulter?
Me: No, and I’m kind of embarrassed to admit it.
You: Well, my friend, better late than never!
Me: Yikes, I’m talking to myself again.

I don’t know how I missed this writer… after all, there are 25 books in this series alone (she’s written 86 novels altogether). I love a good thriller, and Vortex checked all my boxes. What are those boxes, you ask?

1. Well-developed, likeable characters
2. A unique, interesting plot
3. Great pacing
4. The perfect amount of description vs. action
5. Minor pulse pounding.

In other words, a real knockout! Will I be reading other books in this series? You betcha! 4.5 stars.


Genre: Thriller, Police Procedural, Suspense
For Fans of: Julie Garwood, Alex Kava, Elizabth Lowell, James Petterson

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