Visitors from Heaven

In many cultures, cardinals have long symbolized loved ones who have passed away.

I saw a Cardinal in my tree,
The bright red color so beautiful to see.
Thoughts of loved ones brought a smile to my face,
As I watched it flitter about with grace.
Visitors from Heaven they are said to be,
I feel blessed that you came to visit me.
(author unknown)

Cardinals have always reminded me of my mom. She so loved to decorate with them at Christmas that she gave me a gorgeous ornament featuring the songbird to hang on my tree once I was old enough to have one of my own. I get a little teary each year when I unwrap it and place in a place of prominence.

I’m not sure I buy into the symbolism of the cardinal and the dearly departed, but God is pretty cool, so who knows. I do know seeing them brings me joy, especially in the bleak Minnesota winter. For the past week I have watched male and female cardinals flitting into the “lorax” tree just outside our kitchen window. Imagine my delight when my husband peered under the branches and saw these little guys. Ma and Pa take turns watching over the babies and visiting the bird feeder to get a snack. Being a parent is exhausting!

Are my beloved parents visiting from heaven to lift my spirits? Who knows, but I’d sure like to think so.

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