Radar Girls

“Seems like war has always been around, mostly because men are unable to come to agreement in other ways.”—Sara Ackerman, Radar Girls.

Daisy Wilder is a 23-year-old ranch hand who supports her sick mother and loves horses and Hawaii’s natural beauty. However, when the devastating attack on Pearl Harbor shakes their world, she not only loses her beloved horse but also her job.

Following the Pearl Harbor attack, Daisy joins Women’s Air Raid Defense. There, she learns to guide pilots in dark skies and track suspicious planes over the Pacific. Yet not everyone believes in the abilities of these women, despite the nation’s future hanging in the balance.

With unwavering determination and the man she’s falling for at the front lines, Daisy is determined to prove herself. Amidst the challenges, Daisy and her newfound friends discover both romance and embark on a quest to find her missing horse. Through it all, Daisy’s self-esteem soars, and she uncovers love, courage, strength, and the power of sisterhood.

My feelings about this book are mixed. Although I enjoyed learning about women’s contributions in WWII Hawaii, there were some cliches that caught my attention. The romantic subplot, though clean and suitable for all ages, followed a well-worn path: a woman resisting her attraction to a handsome man, a blossoming relationship, and a potentially relationship-threatening secret.

For those who prefer audiobooks, narrator Cassandra Campbell is among the best in the business.

** Thanks to NetGalley and the publisher for a complimentary copy. The opinions are my own.

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