Prayers for Prodigals

“Prayer combined with a believing mother’s or father’s love is powerful. When placed in Jesus’s hands, it is invincible. Obstacles may come when you least expect them, but perseverance in prayer will lead to a breakthrough.”—James Banks, Prayers for Prodigals.

Prayers for Prodigals offers a heartfelt guide for parents grappling with a child’s departure from their faith. The premise resonates deeply with Christian parents facing this painful challenge, aiming to fortify their perseverance through structured, scripture-based support. Pastor James Banks draws from his personal experiences with prodigal children, aiming to bolster readers’ faith and trust in God through this trying time.

The book’s structure comprises scriptural prayers, words of encouragement, and practical prayer tips, which aid parents in navigating their emotional and spiritual turmoil. The added meditations are insightful, emphasizing the power of persistent prayer and divine intervention.

However, while the book starts promisingly with engaging prayer prompts and thoughtful meditations, it becomes repetitive. The rephrasing of Scripture sometimes simplifies complex passages, which might not satisfy all readers seeking depth in theological study or scriptural interpretation. The content, though rich in spirit, feels stretched thin for a 90-day devotional.

Overall, Prayers for Prodigals is a solid attempt at addressing a need within the Christian community. My personal journey through the book brought a sense of solidarity, knowing I’m not alone in this struggle. Yet, I desired more variety and depth as the days passed. 4 stars.

** Thanks to NetGalley and the publisher for a review copy of this book. The opinions are my own.

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