Oath of Loyalty

“I always knew there was a power-hungry ruling class, but I didn’t allow myself to see how many people would be willing to kneel in front of it. Maybe freedom just demands too much of the average citizen. Too much personal responsibility. Too many opportunities for failure.”—Kyle Mills, Oath of Loyalty.

What is it about fictional assassins that make us cheer for them? With Mitch Rapp, it’s because he is smart, powerful, studly, and he fights for the good guys. Now he has become a kinder, gentler man who is finally feeling his age. Talk about abusing this body? Sheesh!

In Oath of Loyalty, the 21st installment of the Mitch Rapp series, author Kyle Mills delivers a gripping tale that keeps readers on the edge of their seats. CIA director Irene Kennedy finds herself in the tricky position of brokering peace between POTUS Anthony Cook and the formidable Mitch Rapp. The terms seem straightforward: Rapp agrees to keep a low profile while Cook is in power, and in return, the administration promises not to target him.

But peace is short-lived, as Rapp must defend his partner, Claudia Gold, whose cover is blown by the very people he agreed to trust. Now, Rapp must navigate a treacherous landscape to protect his family and uncover the truth behind the betrayal.

What sets Oath of Loyalty apart is its multifaceted characters and the depth they bring to the story. While Rapp remains the quintessential badass, readers also get glimpses of his vulnerabilities and the toll his lifestyle has taken on him. Mills deftly intertwines fast-paced action with political intrigue, keeping the tension high throughout.

What I loved about Oath of Loyalty is that it’s not just your run-of-the-mill action flick in book form. Sure, there are plenty of heart-pounding moments and political chess moves, but the characters? They’ve got layers. Kyle Mills really nails it, giving Rapp and the gang more depth than ever before.

Moreover, the narrative is enriched by timely references to current events, adding an extra layer of realism and terror to the story. With its relentless pacing and intricate plot, Oath of Loyalty stands out as a stellar addition to the Mitch Rapp series. Fans of the franchise will not be disappointed. 5 stars.

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