My Most Embarrassing Moment

Just in case you need a little humor in your life…

When our first child was born we lived in a small, quiet, lakeside community in Minnesota. It’s one of those villages with lovely winding roads, parks and sailboats… you can picture it.

One summer weekend my husband was up in the Boundary Waters with a group of students so I was home alone with our newborn. I was sterilizing her bottles and rubber nipples on the stove and had a complete brain fart… I left the house to go return some video rentals to the store.

When we got home, there was toxic black smoke billowing out of the windows. The burnt-rubber smell was horrific – we could barely breathe. When I peered in the saucepan I realized the nipples were scorched and melted on the bottom.

I called the local fire department to see if I could get some fans to suck out the smoke. I was upset, so when they answered the phone I blurted out… “I burned my nipples on the stove!” As the dispatcher was snickering on the phone, I realized what I’d said and begged them to just drive over a couple of fans in a regular truck so the neighbors wouldn’t get all nosey.

Unfortunately for me, for a fire department that rarely had any action this was big fun. A few minutes after my call I heard sirens and looked out the window to find this HUGE fire engine with lights going and five or six firefighters hanging off of the engine whooping it up.

The neighbors came out in droves, and when they asked the firemen what happened they said, “She burned her nipples on the stove!” I was the butt of jokes in the neighborhood for years to come!

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