Legal Mystery with Christian Themes

In Double Indemnity, Robert Whitlow crafts a tale of mystery and suspense set in north Georgia. Matt and Elena Thompson’s seemingly perfect life starts to unravel with secrets and financial troubles. Their marriage faces a critical blow when Matt dies in a suspicious hunting accident.

New attorney Liz Acosta and pastor Connor Grantham are drawn into the turmoil of the Thompsons’ lives. Liz digs into the legal intricacies of Matt’s death, while Connor, who counseled the couple, finds himself entangled in their explosive arguments.

Whitlow’s legal knowledge adds authenticity, and elements of faith and clean romance provide a wholesome touch. However, uneven pacing and a slow start might test some readers’ patience. Despite these flaws, the alternating perspectives of Liz and Connor keep the story engaging.

For fans of Christian suspense, Double Indemnity offers enough intrigue and faith-based themes to satisfy. With 22 books on his resume, Whitlow’s reputation is notable, with a Christie Award win and four movie adaptations to his credit.

Rating: 3.5 stars rounded up to 4

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