Help me…. I don’t know what to blog!

Dear Friends: I need your advice about my blog. I am a pretty multi-faceted writer and I’ve blogged about all kinds of things over the years. Most days there is so much swirling around in my brain I can’t decide on a topic. I need to know what YOU want me to write about. When you have a minute, check out my blog. You’ll see categories posted on the right side. There’s a little bit of everything there: storytelling, writing, vocabulary, trivia, grammar, celebrity interviews, relationship advice, wellness, faith, and all kinds of completely random thoughts. PLEASE help me focus! What do you like? If you check out my blog and leave a thoughtful comment, you will be rewarded with a present. :)

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  1. Hi Amy,
    My thoughts on the topic for blogging are as follows: In this time of a compromised economy and folks feeling “out of sorts” about Washington and world politics, how about a series of entries that capture the ability to be happy in situ…Just as yoga refreshes the body’s energy, so fruitful thoughts refresh and renew the spirit…This is akin to the idea the joy is in the moment, not something you purchase, but the gift of self to the neighbor and the grace of “being present” to our lives…(eg…Not always on FB and phone and tv.)

    Just a thought, but gives the same joy as your saga of the duckies: “Duckies That Make Us Clucky B/c They’re Cute.”

    Me H

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