Good Enough

“Blessed are you who realize there is simply not enough—time, money, resources. Blessed are you who are tired of pretending that raw effort is the secret to perfection. It’s not. And you know that now. Blessed are you who need a gentle reminder that even now, even today, God is here, and somehow, that is good enough,”—Kate Bowler and Jessica Richier, Good Enough.

In their illuminating book Good Enough, authors Kate Bowler and Jessica Richie present a series of insightful spiritual reflections designed to guide readers through the intricate maze of modern life. A New York Times bestseller, it shatters the persistent myth of relentless self-improvement, instead framing life as a condition to be endured and cherished, rather than an unending quest for perfection.

Bowler and Richie, known for their empathetic and intelligent perspectives in their popular podcast, “Everything Happens,” offer what can be best described as a spiritual companion to those of us who often feel overwhelmed by the pressure to live our best lives. Ultimately, in these pages we can rest in the encouragement to strive for what is possible today—while recognizing that though we are finite, the life in front of us can be beautiful.

Good Enough is a radiant beacon of hope, brimming with humor and kindness. Bowler and Richie present biblical concepts in such relatable ways. Each reflection instills a fresh vision of how truth, beauty, and meaning can be found amid the chaos of our daily lives, especially when those lives are disappointing and heartbreaking.

The book invites readers to explore topics such as purpose in life, prayer, and the pitfalls of perfectionism. It is an exceptionally powerful read, demanding time and contemplation to absorb the wisdom it offers. The authors provide practical advice on navigating periods of sadness and disarray, often suggesting humor and absurdity as therapeutic tools.

What makes this book relatable is the everyday language used to articulate complex spiritual concepts. The authors’ use of illustrations and anecdotes to clarify these principles provides readers with real-world contexts and applications. It is a compassionate, intelligent, and wry series of 40 Christian daily devotions on learning to live with imperfection. I cried as I read it, but I also smiled and laughed out loud.

Written gently and with humor, Good Enough is permission for all of us who need to hear that there are some things we can fix—and some things we can’t. It’s a firm reminder that life, in all its messiness and complication, is indeed ‘good enough.’

This book is a testament to the human spirit’s resilience, a celebration of our shared imperfections, and an invitation to embrace life as it is, not as we imagine it should be. In short, Good Enough is more than good enough; it’s an essential read for those seeking a new perspective on dealing with life’s challenges. It’s hard to find a devotional that has such powerful life lessons and a sense of humor. A well-deserved five stars.

** Thanks to NetGalley and the publisher for a review copy of this book. The opinions are my own.

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