Getting to Know Me

Every marketing guru on the planet (including me) recommends authors develop active blogs with killer content to expand their audiences and push book sales.  Since the dawn of the Internet, the quandary has always been deciding what to write about.

For those of us with multiple projects in the pipeline, choosing a topic is definitely easier said than done. I have scores of magazine articles in circulation on topics ranging from faith and family to business, health and women’s issues. My specialty has always been celebrity profiles. I have eight books on the market, do a fair amount of speaking, and have decades of business of experience. Clearly, I wouldn’t have time to do any of my actual work if I tried to cover all that in a blog.

Personally, I feel like each blog entry has to be a dissertation of sorts that imparts knowledge to my readers, when in fact, the point is for you just to get to know a little bit more about me and my work. Consequently, I’ve decided to switch up my blogging M.O. so I actually post on a more frequent basis.

I hereby vow to write a blog every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, with a few weekend days thrown in when I am feeling especially frisky, Of course, my topics will often focus on my career, but I am also going to share some other things that turn me on. Here’s the plan:

The Wacky World of Writing (Monday): If you want to learn about my published books, works in progress, or ghostwriting, or just need some help with grammar or the craft of writing, this will be the day for you.

My Road to Wellness (Wednesday): I am not much of a resolution-maker, but this year I’ve had a few health setbacks and have decided it is way past time to get healthy. Since the likelihood of me following a restrictive diet or exercise regimen is slim, I am going to make small changes to my lifestyle that will hopefully pay big dividends.

Flexible Friday: Just like it sounds, I am going to stir things up on Fridays. Sometimes I’ll write about cooking (my absolute favorite activity) or marriage and family, while other times I’ll explore this madness we call middle age —including stops on my journey as a parental caregiver. You’ll be amazed at what random musings I can come up with… sometimes I might even be profound!

It would mean a lot to me if you would share your thoughts. Let’s make this a two-way conversation! When possible, please leave comments (preferably right on the blog) so I know what you enjoy and write more of that. I’ll always have a link to my postings on Facebook, Twitter, and my LinkedIn pages:

I’m looking forward to the new format and the adventures we are going to have together.

In love and friendship,



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