Enemy at the Gates

I’ve been a fan of the Mitch Rapp series ever since the first book hit the shelves in 1999. When Vince Flynn passed on after churning out thirteen fantastic books, I thought, “That’s it, the end of an era.” But then Kyle Mills stepped up to the plate, and while his first couple didn’t quite hit the mark for me, he’s found his groove with Enemy at the Gates.

After two decades of covert ops and assassinations, Mitch is contemplating hanging up his spy hat. He’s feeling the wear and tear, has settled down with a family, and is not exactly fond of the new president. And this president, Anthony Cook, is a different breed—cunning, autocratic, and disloyalty to America’s institutions. Plus, he doesn’t trust Rapp or CIA director Irene Kennedy.

Things kick into high gear when Kennedy discovers that a mole in the Agency has been snooping around for intel on trillionaire Nicholas Ward. She convinces Mitch to protect this high-profile target, and he heads to South Africa, where both he and Ward have homes. To catch the hacker, Rapp turns Ward into bait.

This thriller’s got the total package—a psycho villain, an altruistic virologist, and Mitch Rapp, the world’s deadliest assassin. The action is relentless; I was practically on the edge of my bed! It oozes espionage, intrigue, and political drama that hits too close to reality.

Quick tip: Start this series from the beginning or risk being lost in the shuffle. I’m giving it a solid 4 stars—it’s a wild ride you don’t want to miss.

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