Day 3: 2011 Have More Fun Challenge

No matter how you look at it, some days just aren’t fun.  And nothing you do can possibly change that kind of bad energy. After all, if every day was a mountaintop experience, it would get pretty old after awhile, right?

I was so overwrought with rather debilitating family responsibilities that I forgot all about my own challenge.  What most people would consider “fun” … activities that make you laugh, giggle, scream, and feel good … were completely AWOL on Day 3, but I did manage to have a little fun in the shower (oh, that came out wrong) and enjoyed myself in bed (oh, that came out wrong too).

The shower is a warm and blissful sanctuary where I only have to focus on remembering the same routing tasks:  wash hair, condition hair, wash face, wash body, shave my legs (if it’s summer or a special occasion).  It’s not rocket science, but when I have a lot on my mind I often end up trying to blow dry hair gunked up with cucumber & aloe conditioner. It works better when it’s rinsed out first.  When my daughter returned from studying abroad in Africa for five months she told me one of the things she missed the most about home was the shower.  In the home of her host family, she had to bathe herself standing in a bucket.

I’m going to show my age now, but I think going to bed is fun.  Not rolling around and breathing heavy, but just lying and sleeping in it. Flannel sheets are heavenly on a cold winter day.  Sleep is fun because it blocks out the world and allows you to get lost in LaLa land, if only for a few hours.

I hope you had more fun on Day 3 than I did… all I managed was a glowing complexion and some rapid eye movement.  Tomorrow is bound to be better!

Your turn.  What did you do for fun?

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  1. Well… I’m completely with you on Day 3 Amy. I need to replenish my nutritional supplements. Food just doesn’t have enough nutrients in it. No wonder so many people are listless and lethargic, almost brain dead in a fog. I felt like I was starving all day yesterday. I had a headache all day and had 0 energy. I did manage a shower when I got out of bed when about 8:30am rolled around. I typically am up around 5 or 5:30am. Today, Day 4, I’m going to keep the feedbag going and see if I can have more energy today. After having two dinners last night I was feeling a lot better. I just ate my bowl of cereal this morning. I may have to lay back down for a nap sometime. Which I’ll add to your list from yesterday as, naps are great.
    Happy Day 4!

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