Signal Moon

Lily Baines,a young debutante, wearies under the weight of wartime Britain. Swapping her elegant white gloves for a radio, she embarks on a daring journey as part of the Women’s Royal Naval Service in 1943. Assigned to intercept enemy naval communications and forward them to Bletchley Park for decryption, she stumbles upon an unexpected transmission.

Matt Jackson is a spirited young American naval officer in 2023. His ship is taking heavy fire in the treacherous North Atlantic when he radios for help. Could he be communicating with a woman in the middle of WWII?

Living on opposite sides of an eighty-year chasm, Lily and Matt must find a way to help each other—Matt to convince her that the war she’s fighting can still be won, and Lily to help him fend off the conflict to come.

Signal Moon is a powerful novella packed into less than fifty pages. A must-read for enthusiasts of time travel and World War II historical fiction, it is intense, endearing, and brilliant. For those partial to audiobooks, the performances of narrators Saskia Maarleveld and Andrew Gibson are fabulous. However, if profanity ruffles your feathers, be forewarned that Matt occasionally uses colorful language. Now, if only the story were longer… I wanted to keep reading! Kate Quinn does it again. This gem earns a well-deserved five-star rating.


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