On the Mountain of the Lord – Book Review

“This is the land where prophecy is fulfilled,” Lev said. “Where the temporary and the eternal meet. Can’t understand the things of today without studying the words of yesterday.”—Ray Bentley and Bodie Thoene, On the Mountain of the Lord.

Submerged in doubt after a brutal car accident ripped his wife, child, and faith from him, Dr. Jack Garrison travels to Israel on a fact-finding mission. When he experiences inexplicable visions within hours of landing, he knows he’s in over his head.

Join Dr. Garrison as he teams up with longtime friend Lev and a dauntless female Israeli Border Police officer to battle a furtive yet deadly enemy. His journey will take him from the city streets of London to the furthest shores of the Mediterranean as he’s forced to confront his doubts and accept the astonishing possibility that he is witnessing an ancient prophecy unfold.

The storyline of On the Mountain of the Lord was fascinating, and I read through the book with delight as Jack Garrison found his faith and discovered his prophetic gifts. In my view, we are living in the very end of days—a perfect time to read this novel. It’s an imaginative modern-day prodigal thriller with well-developed characters and a sweet love story. Brock and Bodie Thoene have written many Christian historical novels and are adept at writing theirs in biblical settings. She wrote On the Mountain of the Lord (book 1 in the Elijah Chronicles series) with prophecy scholar Ray Bentley, and while it was good, it just didn’t have the same punch as some of her other work. 3.5 stars.

Published Date: July 2018
Genre: Christian thriller
Read-alikes: The Timeless Whole Armor of God by J. Yerachmiel, The Faithful One by Michele Chynoweth, Room of Marvels by James Bryan Smith

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