Family Bonds and WWII Secrets

When conflict photographer Jackson Swann passes away, his three estranged daughters find themselves brought together at his vineyard for the reading of his will. JoAnne Ross’s novel, The Inheritance, explores the lives of Tess, a renowned writer and actress; Charlotte, a Southern socialite, trapped in an unhappy marriage; and Natalie, Jackson’s French daughter from a long-term affair, who grew up amidst the vineyard’s rich history.

The sisters come together reluctantly and find themselves captivated by the enchanting legacy of their grandmother—a former WWII Resistance fighter in France—and her love for a wounded American soldier who influenced the fate of their family.

For readers intrigued by wine culture and WWII history, The Inheritance offers glimpses into both, adding depth to its family drama. However, the novel fell short for me. This wasn’t my genre; I’m not a big fan of Women’s Fiction. I’m a woman, and I like fiction, but this felt more like chick lit to me. It was silly and contrived in parts. I should have known I wouldn’t love it… many of her books are “bodice-rippers” with men displaying unnatural abs on the cover. Ugh.

For readers who enjoy light-hearted family dramas and are drawn to narratives set amidst vineyards and historical legacies, The Inheritance offers a moderate diversion, earning it a tepid 3-star rating.

** Thanks to NetGalley and the publisher for providing a review copy. The opinions expressed here are my own.

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