A Journey of Courage and Resilience during the Revolutionary War

A Girl Called Samson is a powerful and inspiring historical novel that beautifully blends the struggles of the American Revolutionary War with the personal journey of Deborah Samson. Harmon’s immersive storytelling captures the essence of a turbulent time while highlighting themes of courage, resilience, and identity.

Born to Puritan parents in 1760, Deborah Samson becomes an indentured servant after her father abandons the family. Twenty years later, as the American colonies buckle in their battle for independence, Deborah disguises herself as a soldier and enlists in the Continental Army. Her impressive height and lanky build make her transformation a convincing one, and it isn’t long before she is confronting the horrors of war head-on.

Harmon’s portrayal of Deborah is vivid and heartfelt, making her a character to root for throughout her life. Her painstaking research and attention to detail shine throughout the novel. The historical backdrop is richly depicted, transporting readers to the late 18th century and providing a profound understanding of the era’s social and political dynamics.

Based on the real-life Deborah Sampson Gannett, who served in the Continental Army as Robert Shirtliff, this novel is a must-read for fans of historical fiction and anyone interested in the American Revolution. Harmon’s expert weaving of historical accuracy with a gripping storyline makes this her best novel yet. 5 stars.

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