A Heart-Pounding Ride

Nick Petrie unleashes a gripping thriller featuring Peter Ash, a Marine veteran grappling with PTSD. When Peter’s friend Lewis calls for help on a bitterly cold Wisconsin winter night, Peter doesn’t hesitate—after all, Lewis has been his steadfast ally through thick and thin. Their mission to aid Teddy Wilson, a former associate with a brain injury, plunges them into a treacherous blizzard, only to discover a scene of violence and stolen incriminating notebooks that threaten to unravel their lives.

Fans of the series already know Lewis as a leader of a clandestine group that takes down dangerous criminals. What Teddy has chronicled in his notebooks proves explosively dangerous, setting off a chain reaction of danger that threatens everyone close to Peter and Lewis, including Peter’s partner June and Lewis’s family.

Petrie’s skillful storytelling creates a vivid world where action and suspense propel the narrative through its 400-plus pages without relent. The characters are portrayed with depth and strength, adding layers of realism and emotional resonance to the breakneck pace of the plot.

He masterfully balances adrenaline-pumping sequences with moments of humor and deep character introspection, making The Price You Pay not just a thrilling read, but a compelling exploration of loyalty, sacrifice, and the cost of justice.

This book would translate brilliantly to screen, capturing the intensity and complexity that makes it a standout in the thriller genre. For action enthusiasts, The Price You Pay is a must-read—I’m already eager to dive into more of Nick Petrie’s work. A solid 4-star rating from me, with thanks to the publisher for providing a copy for review.

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