WACKY WORD OF THE DAY RECAP – Week of January 20

Here’s a recap of the crazy words included in this week’s WACKY WORD of the Day.

Don’t forget the contest: use any of these words in a sentence and you will be automatically entered in this month’s drawing to win one of my books. We’ll begin a new monthly contest in February. There is still time to add your sentences as comments to this blog posting or on my other social media sites (Twitter, Facebook, Linkedin).

MONDAY — MINIM (adjective) = a musical half note or something very small or insignificant

TUESDAY — FLANEUR (noun) = an aimless idler or loafer.

THURSDAY — HAIMISH (adjective) = homey, cozy

FRIDAY — FUGACIOUS (adjective) = lasting a short time, fleeting, or momentary

SATURDAY — ARMAMENTARIUM (noun) = The equipment, methods, and techniques used in an activity of profession, especially medicine. [ahr-muh-muhn-TAIR-ee-uhm]

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Amy Hammond Hagberg


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  1. Ok… I’m going to take the challenge, although I don’t need a book , and try to use them all in one sentence. Here it goes: On the days I’m feeling FUGACIOUSLY like a FLANEUR and MINIM because my ARMAMENTARIUM is stumping my intellect I find I crave a HAIMISH environment to briefly wallow in.

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