The Runaway Wife

Have you ever wanted to run away from home… as an adult? I must admit I’ve entertained the idea, but I am such a chicken! Who would rescue me when disaster strikes? What would I do with my little sweet little lap dog?

One evening while mashing potatoes for dinner, Connie McColl decides she’s had enough. She’s tired of her husband’s constant rounds of golf, tired of her children expecting her to babysit their unruly kids at the drop of a hate, and. She’s tired of solving one family crisis after another. When is it her turn to live?

So Connie packs a bag, gets in her little green car and drives off with no destination in mind. As she travels from England to Scotland on an unexpected adventure, she meets people she will never forget. The big question is, will she ever go home?

Connie has heart, compassion, and wild sense of adventure—I wish I had her spirit! Other readers thought the novel was hilarious, but I think “cute” would be a more apt description. Written by a Brit for Brits, I would have been lost had I not visited the island twice.

The Runaway Wife is a heartwarming romantic comedy about self-discovery, love, friendship, and family. It was a book club pick, and I enjoyed it well enough. If you are looking for chick lit that doesn’t require analysis or a dictionary, this might be a good choice. There is some suspect grammar and sentence structure, but it was fun when I took off my editor’s hat. My book club, which is made up of mostly 60 somethings, averaged 3.8 stars in their ratings, so you might enjoy it more than I did. 3 stars.

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