Game On – Book Review

If you have never read a Stephanie Plum novel, you should! They are funny, upbeat, and irreverent and will keep you entertained from the very first sentence. Who is Stephanie Plum you ask? Well, she is a sassy bond enforcement agent for her sleazy cousin Vinnie’s  bail bond business in Trenton, New Jersey. She is in one scape after or another, but is always rescued by her police detective boyfriend, Joe Morelli, or hunky fellow bondsman and security expert, Ranger. She gets help from a hooker named Lula, and her Grandma Mazur, who is always on top of the latest Burg gossip in this wildly successful series. Author Janet Evanovich’s books are so popular, in fact, that the initial print run on #28 was 1 million copies. Evanovich is in top form on this one. It’s madcap, twisty, and just plain fun. You can easily read one of her fast-paced novels in a day or two. 4.5 stars.


“You’re carrying concealed without a permit.” “It’s okay,” Lula said. “It’s like common-law marriage. After a certain amount of time, it gets to be legal, and you don’t need the paper.” Janet Evanovich, Game On.

When Stephanie Plum is woken up in the middle of the night by the sound of footsteps in her apartment, she wishes she didn’t keep her gun in the cookie jar in her kitchen. And when she finds out the intruder is fellow apprehension agent Diesel, six feet of hard muscle and bad attitude who she hasn’t seen in more than two years, she still thinks the gun might come in handy.

Turns out Diesel and Stephanie are on the trail of the same fugitive: Oswald Wednesday, an international computer hacker as brilliant as he is ruthless. Stephanie may not be the most technologically savvy sleuth, but she more than makes up for that with her dogged determination, her understanding of human nature, and her willingness to do just about anything to bring a fugitive to justice. Unsure if Diesel is her partner or her competition in this case, she’ll need to watch her back every step of the way as she sets the stage to draw Wednesday out from behind his computer and into the real world.

Published Date: November 2021
Genre: Mysteries, Chic Lit
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