The End of America As We Know It?

In November 2008, A leading Russian political analyst named Professor Igor Panarin said the economic turmoil in the United States has confirmed his long-held view that the country is heading for collapse, and will divide into separate parts.

He predicted that the U.S. will break up into six parts – the Pacific coast, with its growing Chinese population; the South, with its Hispanics; Texas, where independence movements are on the rise; the Atlantic coast, with its distinct and separate mentality; five of the poorer central states with their large Native American populations; and the northern states, where the influence from Canada is strong.

You can read the full article here…

I find it particularly interesting that it was a Russian that made this prediction. The American people are a very resilient breed, but we are facing challenges never before seen in this country: financial disaster, moral degeneration, selfishness and materialism perhaps not known since the fall of the Roman Empire.

What do you think of what he has to say? Do you think this kind of national division is possible?

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