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Loving Yourself From the Inside Out

By Barbara T. Marshall with Amy Hammond Hagberg

What do you see when you look in the mirror? Do you see wrinkles, blemishes, fatigue and pain or a beautiful reflection of a woman of strength, good character, courage and passion? It’s hard to remember that true beauty is not what’s on the cover of fashion magazines. Are you able to look beyond whatever physical flaws you may have and truly love yourself? Every woman wants to be regarded as “beautiful” and valuable… and you are! So what is holding you back from believing it?

In Ransomed, author and speaker Barbara T. Marshall draws upon the lives of five amazing women from the Bible—Rahab, Naomi, Hannah, Deborah, and Martha—that beautifully illustrate God’s ability to ransom hearts, revive tired and wounded spirits, and reveal the incredible loveliness He has placed within each of us. She also shares her own personal struggles with eating disorders, a broken marriage, troubled teens, and financial hardship, and explores how they have shaped her character.

Who should read this book?
If you struggle with feelings of inadequacy, emotional wounds, hidden pain, or just playing the comparison game with other women, this book is for you. Ransomed will help you learn to become confident with who you are and what you look like, both inside and out. Unveil the incredible woman God created you to be! Then you will be able to truly love yourself and thrive as a beautiful woman.

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