What authors are saying about Amy:

“Amy is wonderful to work with. She has phenomenal editing skills coupled with very sound common sense and a forgiving and understanding personality for first timers like me. Everything I sent her was ten times better when she returned it. She’s a master!”
Mike Mears, author of Leadership Secrets of the CIA

“Amy brought a unique preciseness to my writing that I could not have achieved on my own. She is uniquely gifted in maintaining the writer’s individuality and style even while overhauling the structure to achieve its maximum impact. If you are serious about having a powerful message that is accessible to any reader, Amy Hammond Hagberg should be your first call.”
Darek Isaacs, author of The Extinction of Evolution

Present your hard work in the best light possible to readers and potential publishers by having it professionally edited. Amy Hammond Hagberg offers a variety of editing services, including:


A final check of a full-edited manuscript for errors in spelling, grammar, punctuation and document formatting.


Amy is a great editor. She is very good at organizing and arranging words so that they flow nicely. She doesn’t change your wording, but arranges them in a more orderly fashion. She offers helpful suggestions that will not only improve your material but your writing skills too.–Anonymous

A line-by-line review of a manuscript. Besides basic proofreading, copyediting includes a review of sentence structure, redundancies, word choice/usage, and subject-verb agreement.

Developmental/Context Editing

In addition to copyediting, a substantive edit will help the author clarify ambiguities and correct conceptual and content problems. I will suggest additions and deletions to improve the writing, but the decision to make changes will be up to the author.

Manuscript Evaluation

After reviewing your manuscript, Amy will provide you with feedback on its strengths and weaknesses and potential marketability.