Ask the Author

One of my greatest joys as a writer, editor, and ghostwriter is helping aspiring writers tell their stories.  I get so many questions from people, in fact, that I’m starting a new feature on my social networking and web sites called “Ask the Author.” This is the perfect opportunity for you to ask questions about agents, publishers, editors, proposals, writing for magazines, or the writing life in general. Shoot, I’ll even tackle grammar if I absolutely have to!

So what do you want to know about writing?  I promise, if I don’t know the answer, I will find out!

~ Amy


QUESTION: Know I am not talented enough to do it myself…so I need some help. I have an idea but don’t have the faintest clue where to start.

AMY: I have built a career around people just like you. You have a couple of options: #1 – you could try writing the book and then hire a developmental editor or “book doctor” to rework it for you or #2 – you could hire a ghostwriter or collaborator right off the bat who could help you frame the book and then write it for you. If you have a good idea, that’s more than half the battle!

QUESTION: Amy, do you need an agent or publicist to go straight to a publisher with a proposal? Will having an agent help you?

AMY: In this competitive market, I think an agent is an absolute must. It’s like hiring a real estate agent to sell your house… you could try to do it yourself, but that’s not nearly as effective as hiring an expert. Small publishers are open to working with authors directly, but the larger houses will only accept queries from established agents.


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