A Slippery Slope

Last night I enjoyed an abbreviated game of Bunco with a group of friends. Unfortunately the aura of an impending migraine came on and I had to pop an Imitrex and leave early. I felt pretty sorry for myself; I had been looking forward to getting together with the ladies for a long time.

It was a dismal night of freezing drizzle in rural Minnesota. As I headed out to my car, head pounding and stomach lurching, I steadied myself against the vehicles lining the driveway to prevent myself from taking a flop on the ice.

The drive home wasn’t too precarious until I reached our township where the roads are poorly maintained. I instantly saw patches of ice all around me and gripped the steering wheel even tighter. As my stress level increased, my temples throbbed even harder.

Worried, I called my husband to let him know where I was in the event I veered into the ditch. No answer. I knew that meant he was in the family room watching basketball without his phone nearby. Oh well, I thought optimistically, the likelihood of my demise is unlikely anyway.

But then I turned onto our street and faced the daunting task of a steep gravel road covered in thick coat of ice. As soon as my wheels started spinning I knew I was in trouble. I made it about a third of the way up the incline and my Toyota started sliding downhill and perpendicular across the road. I freaked out. There was occasional traffic on the county road behind me and I feared I would slide right into another car. I couldn’t move forward no matter which way I turned the steering wheel; I just glided farther and farther back.

Panicked, I picked up my phone and redialed my husband’s number. After several rings it went to voice mail. The third time’s the charm, so I tried one more time, hoping the loud ring would rouse him.

This time he answered. “Yo, Yo, how’s it going Babe?”

I started to cry, and blubbered out my situation. “I have a migraine and I can’t get my car up the hill. Could you please come help me?”

Don’t worry, “I’ll change out of my pajamas and be there in a few minutes.”

In what seemed like forever, I saw the headlights of his ATV rounding the top of the hill, serpentining back and forth on the glassy road. I breathed out a sigh of relief, and keeping my foot securely planted on the brake, I rolled down the window.

“Am I glad to see you.”

“Do you want me to hop in the driver’s seat and see what I can do?” I sure did!

Craig opened the door and helped me into my backseat. With great effort, he navigated the car to the grassy shoulder and maneuvered it to the top of the hill. I was able to take it from there.

Once again, my knight in shining armor came to my rescue.


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