Sky Full of Stars: Book Review




A Sky Full of Stars: Learning to Surrender to God’s Perfect Plans is about blogger Meg Apperson’s poignant journey of pain and loss. As a young person, her suffering took the form of sexual abuse, a teenage marriage and divorce. As a mother, she watched two of her children fight rare diseases that nearly stole their lives.

Meg Apperson grew up trusting God, but it wasn’t until her daughter was born with a litany of life-threatening birth defects that she began to truly comprehend what it means to trust Him with everything. Amid heartbreak, she not only discovered her own voice, she discovered that God is faithful.


Although I am a Christian and professional memoirist, I have never been a fan of Christian memoirs. Figure that one out and you’ll get a gold star. The problem is that so many authors proselytize rather than tell their story. Apperson, however, invited me into her world without an overabundance of Scripture or Christian jargon. I stood alongside her in emergency rooms, surgical suites, and doctors’ offices. I saw her on her knees. I felt her Mama’s heart breaking. I sensed her despair.

I’m in awe of the author’s ability to see Jesus despite unimaginable challenges. It would be easy for her to have a “poor me” victim’s mentality, but she never sounded sorry for herself. Instead, she accepted and overcame her circumstances by giving God all praise, honor and glory despite them; a feat that is nearly impossible to do while during an epic storm.

If you’ve ever questioned how God is at work in the darkness, A Sky Full of Stars will inspire and reassure you. Peace CAN be found in suffering. I listened to the audio version, and the narrator was excellent. Brava! Four Stars.


This memoir will appeal most to parents. Because the author shares insight on being abused, some content is not appropriate for teens or young adults. The book contains a fair amount of medical terminology, but it is not overwhelming.

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